Who am I

Gunnar Backman

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Gunnar Backman

producer, technician, composer, arranger, musician


6 , 12 , 25 String Fretted and Fretless Virtual Guitar, Live Loops,

6 , 12, String Fretted and Fretless Acoustic Guitar,

Banjo, Oud , Sarod , Sitar, Synths,

Delays, Holds, Live Samples

and more.







Gunnar says this about his own music ”I play more and more free form music based on sounds and live loops, live samples and live delays. I have also written classical pieces, such as an organ concert that had its premiere i St. Petersburg, Russia. I have also written choir works, string quartet chamber music, etc.” He is presently working on a number of studio projects. He is also doing a number of projects for independent bands as producer, recording engineer, and mastering engineer.


DVD production, CD-LP mastering, recording, mixing,

arranging, , composition, concertos, and more


40 + years in the music business : music for : dance, performance,

film , theater, tv, radio, Cd, Cd-rom, Ep, Lp. Choir Works,

Concerto for Church Organ, String quartets, Big Band Suites


Pop, Rock, Improv, Cont Classic and World music m.m.


Performances in : USA, Denmark , England, France, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Germany , Finland , Israel , Palestine , Austria , The Netherlands Irland and elsewhere.